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Showing 2 posts from April 2012.

In the second appellate case within the past year addressing the “diligent prosecution” bar under environmental citizen suit provisions, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals held last week that the Clean Water Act’s bar on citizen suits when governmental enforcement action is underway is not jurisdictional – reversing the dismissal of a citizen suit at the Rule 12(b)(6) stage, and remanding the case for further proceedings before the district court. Read More »

Yesterday, in discussing the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s grant of review in Butler v. Estate of Powers, we suggested that maybe it was time to do away with the rebuttable presumption that the owner of “mineral rights” does not own rights in a property’s natural gas stores and instead make it a firm rule of law, particularly in light of the fact that the presumption has been around for over a century.    Well, last week, this is exactly the step that the Supreme Court of Arkansas took in Staggs v, Union Pacific RR Co., 2012 Ark. 156 (Apr. 12, 2012), although holding that “mineral rights” do include oil and gas rights.  Read More »